Operational guidelines for the Exhibition Center

For your convenience, we have concentrated the operational guidelines for use of the
Exhibition Center spaces:

1. Posting signage and flags within pavilions, around them and in outside areas
A. Weights within the lobby and halls may only be placed on dividing areas. Do
not anchor constructions and signage to building infrastructure without
permission from the events manager and safety engineer.
B. Customers and organizers who want to post signs at the front of the pavilion
by attaching them to pavilion infrastructure may only do so using an add-on
hanging construction (false arm) independently posted by the organizer in
coordination with Exhibition Center representatives during the coordination
C. Hanging objects using drilling, wires, glue, silicone etc. is prohibited in all
D. Flags may only be hung on the Expo premises using dedicated facilities. In
case of attaching flags to existing posts (only by permission), a divider must
be placed between the post and flag to prevent damage to the post.

2. Construction in exterior areas (tents, signage stands, registration stations, displays,
box offices etc.):
A. All constructions, displays, tents, box offices etc. on exterior areas must
receive prior permission from the relevant party in the operation division.
B. Any construction placed in exterior areas on paving stones will be attached
to dividing areas.
C. Only manual pallet carts, not motorized carts, may be used to unload and
lay equipment in exterior areas.

3. Loading and unloading
A. Loading and unloading of equipment and entering and exiting pavilion areas
with heavy machinery may only be done through the dedicated loading and
unloading doors.
B. During loading and unloading do not block doors, emergency exits, fire
extinguishing stations and access to garbage containers.
C. Please note: Pavilion 1 doors are standard sized doors, i.e. are
not suitable for bringing in large equipment and structures.

4. The Exhibition Center does not allow unpermitted connection to pavilion
infrastructure including – water, air, electricity, sewage or drainage.

5. Do not insert iron poles, drill, glue, dismantle existing infrastructure and other
facilities on the entire premises of the Exhibition Center (interior and exterior). The
organizer will bear damages and cost of repair of any damage caused by conduct
that deviates from the above instructions.

6. For purpose of marking or pasting carpets, use only a double-sided tape Euro 704
Exhibition Tape 20255.

The following adherents are forbidden: double sided sponge tapes, silicone of all
types, double sided acrylic or rubber tape, double sided foam tapes, contact glue of
all types and similar texture, all types of Scotch tape (Velcro), epoxy/propoxy glue of
all types and textures, carpentry glue, fast setting liquid glues, hot glue, wallpaper